ATTICA MOVERS SA in order to successfully provide a high level of moving service needs to gather, manage and use personal data and documents from individuals.

This private policy refers to the way ATTICA MOVERS SA collects, handles and stores personal data in order to meet the requirements of the quality standard FAIM 3.1 and comply with the applicable legislation.

The policy applies to customers, individual or companies (public or private), suppliers, sub-contractors, employees, collaborators and other organizations. It is applicable to personal data and documents such as names, addresses, phone numbers, correspondence, customer files, contracts and all information written in paper or electronically acquired in order to guarantee the provision of a high level of service.

This acquired policy is attached to all contracts between ATTICA MOVERS SA and clients and with the acceptance of the offer there is consensus by the client for ATTICA MOVERS SA to collect and use information in order to better offering of service.

All employees working at ATTICA MOVERS SA have the responsibility to ensure and process client’s private data in compliance with the current policy


The Administration of the company is ultimately responsible for ensuring that ATTICA MOVERS SA meets its legal obligations for the protection and the improvement of personal data according to the current policy and the Law.

The person responsible for the keeping of records and personal data has the following responsibilities:

  • Reviewing the present policy on the protection of personal data and handling all relative questions of staff members

  • Arranging data protection training for all personnel involved in private policy practices

  • Checking and approving all contracts or agreements with suppliers/ collaborators or third parties that handle company’s private data

  • Maintenance, frequently inspecting and upgrading of the operating system (software & hardware) in collaboration with the approved IT external partner to secure acceptable security standards

Personnel that handles personal data has to be authorized and accordingly informed by the company’ s Data Protection Responsible for their responsibility to comply with the current Policy requirements.

Use, maintenance and storage of Personal data

The collection of customer’s data and information can either be done electronically, or by phone, or in writing.

It is very important that all data kept by ATTICA MOVERS SA should be accurate and updated when necessary in the following ways:

  • Customer files are kept in special area exclusively used for that and all older ones are carefully archived in closed boxes in the company’s warehouse area.

  • Copies of client’s files must be be issued.

  • Company personnel should regularly confirm the accuracy of personal data and record everything that has been modified or removed

  • When the service provided is concluded and there is no further action to be taken, the client’s files are archived in closed boxes and kept within the company’s warehouse. The files should be kept _according to the Greek legislation_ for at least 15 years, for tax related reasons.

  • Data printouts and files are shredded and disposed/recycled after this period of time. Moreover electronically kept data of the same files are deleted.


The client has at any time the possibility to refer to ATTICA MOVERS SA and verify the data kept to his file and their accuracy.

Notification to third parties

When necessary personal data and info are forwarded to ATTICA MOVERS SA certified collaborators in order to complete moving services, always under their commitment to confidentiality.

In certain circumstances, in case Legal Authorities ask for the disclosure of personal data, ATTICA MOVERS SA will be obliged to provide the information requested following the law and legal advisory guidance where necessary.