ATTICA MOVERS SA, with extensive experience in routing and organizing relocation of offices, embassies and all range companies, has the ability to plan and realize _according to your wishes and schedules_ such long-term projects, in order to preserve the orderly functioning of your premises throughout the preparation and the initial stages of the relocation and complete the project at the shortest possible timeframe _including weekends_ in order to ensure the smooth operation of your business on the very next, working day!


  • Planning in cooperation with the customer of all desired relocation schedules and deadlines

  • Packing, transport and re-positioning of per desk, office, department, floor.

  • Packing, transportation & re-placing of all files & archives in the existing, numeral archive sequence

  • Relocation of all IT equipment: PCs , printers, office machinery and servers

  • Full compliance to company security procedures

  • Strict adherence to timetables

ΕIndicative successful office relocation projects from Attica Movers:

Relocation of the Pangrati Branch of DEDDHE

Canadian Embassy