ATTICA MOVERS SA, following a course of sustainable development, aiming at the rational use of natural resources (with the ultimate aim of minimizing the negative impacts on the environment), has developed and implemented an Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001: 2015. Specifically:

  • It shall apply the Environmental Legislation and shall comply with the terms of the Environmental Authority’s approval of the relevant environmental authority.
  • It applies continuous training of its staff by specialized experts.
  • Ensures the environmental awareness of its suppliers.
  • It applies the Environmental Management System throughout its range of activities.
  •  Develops and implements dynamic evolving Environmental Goals derived from risk analysis and opportunities for improvement
  • It is constantly improving its Environmental Behavior in terms of prevention and emergency response.
  •  It promotes the development of mutual cooperation relations with the relevant social actors and any other stakeholders, contributing to measures to continuously improve Environmental Protection.
  • It carries out frequent environmental measurements (recycling, energy and water consumption, etc.).The Environmental Management Officer is responsible for the proper functioning of the EMS and ensures that its staff are notified (and staffed) at all levels of the services provided.

The whole staff of the Company, who with a sense of responsibility, supports and implements the environmental management system through its daily work is aided in this effort.

The Managing Director of ATTICA MOVERS SA, pledges to provide all the means necessary for the smooth operation of the EMS and its continuous updating. This policy has been disclosed to all personnel as well as to all external third parties.


Kasimati Georgia