The Company ATTICA MOVERS S.A. having the knowledge and the experience in the area of the Provision of Transportation and Packaging Services for Household Goods, as a member of International Transport Associations, and adopting the “Covid Shield Certification Scheme”, has developed a set of procedures, which it undertakes to apply strictly to ensure that:


  • It has sufficient resources and the proper infrastructure to be perfectly harmonized with the current epidemiological data and instructions for the care of preventing the inflow or the spread of coronavirus disease at its premises.
  • It has received all necessary measures, applied wherever appropriate and adequate (by the competent Authorities) practices to avoid transmission of the virus.
  • It provides all infrastructure required for the implementation of procedures and practices.
  • It has properly and constantly trained staff throughout education programs, in order to comply with the procedures and the new guidelines as they are set by the National Health Organization and other institutions (WHO)
  • It properly informs everyone entering or hosted in the premises of the company, to prevent transmission of the virus.
  • It bounds to observe and to apply all Legal and Regulatory requirements.
  • It Reviews and improves continuously all its services, wherein it is feasible, as well and the efficiency of its Processes, concerning the Covid Shield System Management.
  • It sets measurable objective indicators for all its processes. The indicators are established and evaluated as to the degree of achieving them in the context of the Review of the Covid Shield Management System.


These measurable indicators are:


  • The Provision of at least two (02) Staff Trainings per year, as well as additional Trainings (if new Legislative requirements arise depending on the current epidemiological data).
  • Measurement of customer satisfaction (in relation to the preventive treatment of Covid-19) to exceed 90%.
  • The annihilation of the complaints (in matters of cleaning, disinfection and observance of Preventive measures against Covid-19), from its customers (in any case, not to exceed 10 complaints per year. These complaints will be dialed immediately).
  • Total Covid Shield System Performance, should Exceed 90%.


These measurable indicators have as their ultimate goal:


  • Reducing the risk or minimizing the likelihood of exposure to Covid-19.
  • The support of a high-level prevention against possible exposure (involuntary or voluntary) to the Covid-19.
  • To manage potential incidents of Covid-19 in an organized, direct, and armored way, based on published suggested guidelines and instructions of the competent national and international authorities.


in relation to persons with whom they come into direct or indirect contact, such as employees, associates – suppliers, customers, visitors and other interested parties, in all phases of their daily transactions and operations, during the process of providing its services.


This Policy applies to all the Company’s direct activities (during all business hours and overtime), but also to all indirect activities such as:


  • Events.
  • Carrying out Household Goods’ transportation of its customers, either by privately owned means of transport, or through external partners.
  • Other activities.


While it applies constantly to all external bodies that can make use of the Company’s infrastructure (eg providing events at the Company’s premises by external partners).


This policy has been forwarded to all interested parties in the Company (staff, customers, visitors, subcontractors, local community, residents, and other relevant parties), as it concerns all of them, and applies to all its equipment. It is reviewed at least once every three (03) months (based on the results of Internal Inspections and Reviews by the Management), but also whenever there is an emergency need to change / enrich it, based on current epidemiological data and instructions of the Responsible Authorities.


Latest review: 13/10/2020


The Management