The ATTICA MOVERS SA Social Responsibility Policy and code of conduct is a brief summary of the principles under which the company personnel operates and accomplishes its work. Any deviation of the below mentioned principles should be reported straight away to the General Manager of the company.
The company and its personnel are bound to accomplish high standards of company behavior and cooperate with good will and sincerity with clients, suppliers, competitors and the local Authorities.

The company and the personnel are bound to :

  • Follow ethical Business Practices
  • Behave and conduct with transparency and reliability
  • Communicate with direct manner

Legislative compliance

A most basic principle of the company is the absolute compliance and respect with all applicable laws, regulations and state regulations. It is the individual responsibility of all the employees to avoid any activity that may involve the company in an illegal act. The company’s management systematically monitors published legislation and modifies its procedures and practices accordingly if required by immediately informing all involved employees.

Compliance with Health and Safety Legislation at Work Environment

Full compliance with the principles of Standard OHSAS 18001

Protection of company and customer assets

All company employees are obliged to protect the Company’s assets from any damage (loss, theft, misuse or destruction). Particular care is given to the belongings of all our clients for which the company is held responsible and is handling it as carefully as the assets of the company.

Data Protection – Cofidentiality

All company personnel sis committed to treat with the outmost confidentiality all client and other interested parties data and use the relevant information for authorized purposes only with transparency and respect to individual rights.

Clash of Interests

All personnel should avoid any action that can result to conflict of interest and economical gain between themselves and the company. No member of the personnel can undertake additional tasks from customer/supplier/competitor without informing the company.

Transactions with customers, suppliers agents and competitors

Personnel should conduct according to the morality and civility that suits the prestige and reputation of the company, the relationship with clients, suppliers and representatives.
One of the first priorities of the company is the best accomplishment of the undertaken tasks by the customer with sincerity and professional behavior.
The company does not participate in actions that do not comply with competition laws such as:

  • Non-ethical practices eg. With unlawful means.
  • Exchange of information or price, sales volume, market share, regions, customers or others that could distort competition

Anticorruption & Αntibribery Policy

The company does not allow practices such as: bribery, illegal payments and unfair practices.
Employees must not accept gifts, payments, or other services from third parties (clients, suppliers, competitors, other employees, etc.) to promote or convey affairs related to their duties.
In addition, all transactions are carried out in a legal and ethical manner, without the possibility of extortion.
Any incident must be reported immediately to the President of the company


The company and its employees take care to reduce the environmental footprint of their operations and business activities.

Antidiscrimination policy

The company does not allow or tolerate discrimination based on physical disability, sex, nationality, religion, politics or other personal choices.
Within working environment, all kind of harassment is forbidden.
Any incident must be reported immediately to the President of the company.